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Thanks for visiting my site. I have been collecting vintage baseball cards for over 40 years, and I have been an active buyer and seller of cards on the Internet for 20 years, offering an unmatched selection of high grade vintage baseball cards at great prices.

Site Info - This site offers the option of listing cards by set, team, grade, or player name, and also has separate lists for superstar cards and for rookie cards.

Grading - I have spent countless hours and taken care to grade my unslabbed cards conservatively, according to Beckett guidelines. I am happy to provide scans and text descriptions of any cards you are interested in purchasing.

Return Policy - All cards come with a no-questions-asked money back guarantee:  just place the card(s) in the mail within three (3) days of their arrival, and I will return the full purchase price upon receipt of the package.

Pricing - Prices listed on this site are firm, but I have increased the size of my small quantity discount, which I now give on a single purchase of 5 or more cards! Shipping and handling charges, as well as any insurance costs, will be added to the sale price.

Payment - I take PayPal, personal checks, or money orders.  Please email me for payment details.

Contacting Me - Please email me at BBCards4U@AOL.COM to buy cards or get information on the cards on this site. Also, I would appreciate email with observations or problems you have with this site, or any errors you see in the content of the site.

eBay Auctions – I occasionally offer some of my cards on eBay.   Click here to see my current eBay auctions.  Click here to see my current eBay feedback rating.

Site Status –This week, I have repriced the cards in my 1961 Topps set. I have recently added high grade examples of almost every star of the '50s and '60s to my site, including Mantle, Mays, Aaron, Clemente, Koufax and Rose. My site is missing some variations I own (e.g. T206 rare backs, 1939 Play Ball "Sample", 1950 "No Copyright", 1956 second series "White Back" cards and 1962 "Green tint" cards). I will be adding more of my high-grade pre-war cards and those variations to the site over the next couple of weeks. Please stop back periodically to take a look.

This site was last updated 01/22/18.

List Cards by Set
1909 T206 1910 E93 Standard Caramel 1911 T201 Mecca 1911 T205 1911 T3 Turkey Red
1912 T202 Hassan 1915 Cracker Jack 1922 E120 American Caramel 1933 DeLong 1933 Goudey
1933 R305 Tattoo Orbit 1934 Batter-Up 1934 Goudey 1938 Goudey 1939 Play Ball
1940 Play Ball 1941 Double Play 1941 Play Ball 1948 Bowman 1948 Leaf
1949 Bowman 1950 Bowman 1951 Bowman 1951 Topps BB 1951 Topps RB
1952 Bowman 1952 Red Man 1952 Topps 1953 Bowman B&W 1953 Bowman Color
1953 Red Man 1953 Topps 1954 Bowman 1954 Red Heart 1954 Red Man
1954 Topps 1955 Bowman 1955 Red Man 1955 Topps 1955 Topps Doubleheaders
1956 Topps 1957 Topps 1958 Hires 1958 Topps 1959 Topps
1960 Fleer 1960 Topps 1961 Fleer 1961 Topps 1962 Topps
1963 Bazooka ATG Gold 1963 Bazooka ATG Silver 1963 Topps 1964 Topps 1964 Topps Giants
1964 Topps Stand-Up 1965 Topps 1966 Topps 1966 Topps Rub-Offs 1967 Topps
1968 Topps 1968 Topps Game 1969 Topps 1969 Topps Deckle Edge 1970 Topps
1970 Topps Super 1971 Topps 1971 Topps Super 1972 Topps 1973 Topps
1974 Topps 1974 Topps Traded 1975 Topps 1976 Topps 1976 Topps Traded
1977 Topps 1978 Topps 1979 Topps

List Cards by Player Name

List Cards by Team
Angels Astros Athletics Blue Jays Braves Brewers Browns Cardinals
Colts Cubs Dodgers Expos Giants Indians Mariners Mets
Nationals Orioles Padres Phillies Pilots Pirates Rangers Red Sox
Reds Royals Senators Tigers Twins White Sox Yankees

List Cards by Grade
Slabbed 6.5 ExMt+ and Below Slabbed 7 NrMt Slabbed 8 NrMt/Mt Slabbed 9 Mint Slabbed 10 Gem Mint


List Superstars Cards

List Rookie Cards

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