Prices Shown Are Firm

Most dealers list cards on their web site with fake inflated prices and then offer 10% or 20% or even 50% discounts off of those prices, either in "monthly specials" or after negotiating with their customers. As a buyer, I find that policy annoying. It means that if I see a card that I want for my collection at a price higher than I am willing to pay, I must exchange multiple emails with the dealer to determine if I can negotiate the price I want. At the end of this effort, I may end up with no card. This wastes my time, and the dealer's time too. Even if I get the card, I have to worry that I might have been able to squeeze another few percent off the price had I negotiated harder. This turns baseball card collecting into the experience of buying a used car -- that's not how I want to enjoy my hobby!

I want my web site to reflect accurate information to my customer, with up-to-date and accurate inventory, accurate grading, and the real price of the card. That way, people who peruse my web site can quickly determine not just what cards they might like for their collection, but also whether those cards are available at prices they are willing to pay. This makes the experience stress-free and efficient. And, importantly, it makes it so that my customers and I can be colleagues in our hobby rather than adversaries in a negotiation.

I have gotten lots of positive feedback from people that my prices are competitive, and more than half of the sales I make are to dealers re-selling (after marking up the price, of course) to their customers. I feel that my prices are fair and my pricing philosophy is a good one.

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